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Orbit GT and Geosense, South Africa, sign Reseller Agreement
TC Technology Announces MIMS 2017
Public-Private Partnership to Open Geodata Access for African Resource Development
CoreLogic Launches SkyMeasure Mobile App for Roofing Industry
TCarta Marine to Introduce Gulf of Mexico Streaming Basemap Service at Esri Petroleum Conference

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LizardTech's GeoExpress 8 - LizardTech releases the latest version of its GeoExpress software, which includes support for the new MG4 MrSID format!

Scribble Maps Pro Review - Looking for an online GIS application? Read this review for Scribble Maps Pro, a Flash (browser-based) GIS application!

Maptitude Geographical Information System Software 5.0 Review - Take a look at this excellent review of Maptitude 5.0, a product for both the novice and professional GIS user.

Conversion of Shapefile to KML: An overview of tools available - Working with KML? Take a look at this overview of the KML tools available in various software.

A Comparison of Google Earth 5.0 with Google Earth Pro 5.0 - Interested in Google Earth? Take a look at this great overview of differences between the two versions.

GeoMarketing - Recently "something completely different" for GeoMarketing quietly appeared on YouTube in the form of a short animated film entitled "OBIA made easy". Read about it here!

Quantum GIS Software: Application User Review - Looking for an alternative to some of the GIS software? Read this review of Quantum GIS, an excellent free GIS software application.

Using Georeferencing Tools for Navigation and Research of Aerial Photography - Learning about the history of an area? Check out some examples of using GIS technology and historical photography to visualize changes in a location.

Transforming Lists into Maps: Using Online Tools to Geocode Non-Spatial Files - Learn how to use some simple online tools to geocode lists and other tabular data.

Using Google Earth as a Map Viewer - Heard of Google Earth? Thought it was just a simple, fun Earth viewer? Read this article and see how Google Earth (GE) can be used are more than just viewing your neighbor's yard.

MapWindow GIS: More than a Viewer - Looking for a user friendly desktop geographic information system (GIS) for Windows? Check out this review of an excellent open-source GIS application.

SRTM Documentation - SRTM was the primary payload on the STS-99 mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, which launched February 11, 2000 and flew for 11 days. This document serves to help users of the derived DEM data and to better understand the data format. Data is available in 30m & 90m resolution data tiles.

FME 2003 X2 in a NutShell - If you work with spatial data on a daily basis then you may be familiar with the product.. if not then you should be! The FME Suite (aka. Feature Manipulation Engine) consists of three main components: a translator, a transformation editor and a viewer. Read on for the latest features offered in FME 2003 X2.

Choosing a GIS Consulting Firm - For many GIS projects people will hire a consultant to implement technology, provide a total solution or help manage an internal development project. But how do you know when you need a consultant and more importantly how do you choose one thatís going to help make you and your project successful? Read on in this special contribution from GeoNorth.

Aerial Photography Project Upsets Hollywood Diva! - Imagine this, you've mapped the entire California coastline and tied it to a seamless mosaic of aerial photography. Now some Hollywood "Diva" is taking you to court to have a photograph that shows her mansion removed from the project.

GeoData.Gov Launched to Curb Government Spending on GIS - GeoData.Gov officially launched on June 30, 2003 - will it help reduce needless spending and duplication of effort or will it merely add to the problem?

Tracking to Keep Trucking - MapInfoís Stephen Hurcom provides an overview of what technology now exists for SME logistics companies to effectively track their resources and freight.

NACS Extended to Mobile Location Based Services Network (MLBS.NET) - The Natural Area Coding System (NACS) has been developed in order to generated Natural Area Codes for all areas from the size of thousand kilometers to one meter or even smaller derived from longitude/latitude coordinates. The developer has partnered with Microsoft to launch an innovative web service.

NOAA Kicks off Personal Locator Beacon Campaign - NOAA and the U.S. Air Force announced the authorization of a new, digitally encoded distress device called, the Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), which will become available for nationwide use beginning July 1, 2003

Interview with Lee Finniear, Director, IntelliWhere - The Geocommunity crew hooked up with Dr. Lee Finnier, Director, IntelliWhere (a division of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions) last month at GeoSpatial World and threw a couple of questions at him!

Coming Soon... a 2.5 m Resolution 2003 Western Canadian Mosaic - The collection represents one of the largest and highest resolution satellite mosaics ever collected in Western Canada.

Mobile Positioning - In this article, the author discusses some of the possibilities for location-based services/applications as well as the technologies involved (from our sister site, WirelessDevNet)

PRESIDENT AUTHORIZES NEW U.S. COMMERCIAL REMOTE SENSING POLICY - This policy supersedes Presidential Decision Directive 23, U.S. Policy on Foreign Access to Remote Sensing Space Capabilities, dated 9 March 1994. This fact sheet provides a summary of the new policy.

Mapping SARS - The latest figures concerning the number of suspected cases of SARS in the US have been used to create thematic maps depicting the spatial extents of the spread of this virus. New... Hong Kong map.


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