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SpatialNews 2000 GIS Employment Survey

The GeoCommunity reaches a wide range of people employed in the GIS industry. We felt it would be useful to get an idea as to what kind of people are working with GIS, as well as some information regarding educational background, job satisfaction, salary, and perception of the industry. We reach individuals from public and private sectors around the world, as well as people working in varied industries including natural resource sectors, business geographics, utilities, and non-profit organizations. The results of the survey help to develop a profile of a typical GIS professional.

The survey was presented to visitors of The GeoCommunity web portal and to thousands of recipients of the SpatialNews Daily News Wire which is sent to geo-spatial industry professionals world-wide each morning. Additionally, members of a mapinfo mailing list as well as members of the GISList email discussion list were notified and asked to complete the survey. Note, those interested may wish to check out the new INGRList - Intergraph Mapping/GIS discussion list

The survey was not sponsored by any company nor were prizes offered in order to entice people to reply.

In total, 645 individuals filled in the 13 question survey.
The survey results were collected from July 28 - August 8, 2000

Survey Questions and Results
  1. How many years have you worked directly in the GIS industry?
  2. What sector best describes your current employment situation?
  3. How many employees work at your establishment?
  4. What is the highest level of education have you completed successfully?
  5. Have you ever had to take out official student loans?
  6. Did you have help from an employer paying out student loans?
  7. Which area best describes your educational background?
  8. How many full-time jobs related to your educational background have you held (not including internships)?
  9. What is your current salary?
  10. Which of the following skills do you think would make you most valuable and in greatest demand in the GIS industry?
  11. Do you think you are currently under paid?
  12. Do you feel that you are keeping up with cutting edge technology?
  13. Do you expect to be working for the same employer in 5 years from now?
Profile of a GIS Professional based on the survey results.

If you have comments regarding the survey, or decide to link to it, or reference it from your website, please contact us

If you responded, thanks for taking part in the survey. Your contribution is appreciated.

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