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Community > e-Mail Discussion Groups
One of the most entertaining, quickest, and effective ways of getting help or hard-to-find information is by joining up with a group of people who share similar interests. In an effort to foster a community feeling, we have developed and maintain a number of email based discussion groups. Below is a list of discussion groups hosted by The Geocommunity, as well as some other popular GIS discussion lists that you might consider joining.

Discussion List Title  
View Archives
GIS and geospatial technology discussion: news, data and software issues, wireless mapping, software development, the open source  movement, and the latest on handheld mapping are all valid discussion. Subscribe (no subject necessary)
More Info
View Archives
The main objective of this list is to provide the GIS community with an open forum to share ideas and discuss metadata issues and strategies. Subscribe (no subject necessary)
More Info
View Archives
Popular MapInfo email discussion list founded by MapInfo guru Bill Thoen More Info
View Archives
Popular ArcView discussion list developed and maintained by Bill Huber More Info
Intergraph List
View Archives
Subscribers are encouraged to use the list to discuss anything they think will be of interest to the Intergraph GIS/Mapping user Community including CAD, GIS and geospatial technology news, data and software issues relating to Intergraph GIS products including GeoMedia, GeoMedia Pro, GeoMedia WebMap, GeoMedia Web Enterprise, MFworks, and MGE mapping products. Subscribe (no subject necessary) More Info
View Archives
Feel free to discuss GIS Industry Employment issues, post job or consultant wanted notices or ask advice on where to find a job. Subscribe (no subject necessary) More Info
View Archives
The objective of this list is to provide Geography educators in the K-12 and higher levels, State and local Government agencies, School Districts, teacher candidates, and other supporters of Geographic education a forum to discuss issues of interest specific to implementation and maintenance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in K-12 and higher Geographic education. Subscribe (no subject necessary) More Info
LBS List
View Archives
Discussion of wireless location-based services, mobile application development,mobile commerce, and related topics. Subscribe (no subject necessary) More Info

Note, once you've signed up for a list, consider posting a brief introductory message to introduce yourself and tell the rest of the group a bit about yourself and what your interests are.
Other Discussion Lists
  • - Popular ArcView discussion list. Owned and heavily monitored by ESRI
  • AI-GEOSTATS - The main goal of AI-GEOSTATS is to promote communication about spatial data analysis (GIS, geostatistics, geoinformatics, spatial statistics, sampling strategies,...) between persons working in different fields. To subscribe to ai-geostats, send the following in the body (not the subject line) to
    subscribe ai-geostats
  • BCIT GIS Department List - The group is intended to be a forum for GIS discussions, technical questions and answers and any GIS related topics of relevance to GIS users in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The newsgroup is unmoderated. To subscribe to the list, send the following in the body (not the subject line) to
    subscribe gis-bc
  • GIS-Jobs (UK) - Popular discussion list for free GIS job posting for UK-based opportunities. Instruction on joining, posting, or leaving the list can be found at
  • Haestad Methods GISTalk - GIS discussion forum hosted by Haestad Methods.
  • MapInfo (Turkish) - a list for Turkish people using MapInfo, MapBasic and related programs. The discussion language is Turkish and Englisho
    The mailing address is
    The subscription address is
    The unsubscription address is
  • Mapwel - GPS Mapping Software Yahoo Forum - This is a forum for Mapwel software users. Mapwel is all-in-one software for the custom GPS maps creation
    Google Forum - This is a forum for Mapwel software users. Mapwel is all-in-one software for the custom GPS maps creation compatible with Garmin GPS units
  • MIDUGNV Online - The focus of the group will be to support those using MapInfo and Discover products. The Users Group will provide opportunities for members to get together to network, exchange ideas, learn technical tips, share knowledge about applications, data, and services, etc.
  • NYGPS List - "The NYGPS group list is primarily for K-12 educators in New York State who are exploring the use of GPS (the Global Positioning System) for math, science, and social studies instruction. We welcome professional GPS users, college faculty, and educators from other states who would like to join us!"
  • PCI Geomatics Discussion List - PCI Geomatics software can exchange ideas and tips on how to accomplish their work. All messages are archived online. To subscribe to the Discussion List, email:
  • SW-GIS - The sw-gis list provides a forum for developers and system administrators working with Smallworld GIS. This list addresses technical issues concerning Smallworld GIS, such as Magik programming, CASE tool, interfacing to other systems, but also system and database administration. To subscribe: send a blank message to
  • SW-GIS-Announce - This list is for general announcements related to Smallworld GIS or other Smallworld related products or applications. Acceptable announcements include: New Smallworld-related products or new releases of existing products - Smallworld related job openings - New Smallworld partner companies or new offices of existing Smallworld partner companies". To subscribe: send a blank message to
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