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Latest Industry Headlines
Orbit GT and Geosense, South Africa, sign Reseller Agreement
TC Technology Announces MIMS 2017
Public-Private Partnership to Open Geodata Access for African Resource Development
CoreLogic Launches SkyMeasure Mobile App for Roofing Industry
TCarta Marine to Introduce Gulf of Mexico Streaming Basemap Service at Esri Petroleum Conference

Latest GeoBids-RFPs
Cartography Training-VA
A & E Services-OR
Remote Sensing-UT
Surveying and Mapping-WA
GPS Locators-MN

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Recent Discussions
DEM to DTM in Inroads
GZ File
LiDAR-derived DEM
space syntax
DEM data for Israel
SpatialNews Polls

If you could only go to 1 event, which would you select?

What do you think about the efforts?

Which answer is most applicable to your wide-format plotting needs

What kind of PDA or mobile mapping device do you have?

Do you have a Laptop PC?

The biggest problem my firm faces right now is:

What kind of Industry event to you prefer?

This year my company will definitely (select best choice)

Which product is on your X-mas wish list?

Which best describes your job title?

What kind of computer do you mainly use?

What size is your company?

Employees with which skill are hardest to locate?

What technology should your company use more often?

What do you like best about the ESRI User Conference?

What kind of bid documents are you most interested in?

How often have you attended the ESRI International User Conference?

Which product is your favorite?

Which best describes your experience with GITA conferences?

What is your preferred source for additional GIS training?

Which New Year resolution is most suitable for you?

Which WebMapping Product do you give a Thumbs Up to?

What is your preferred source for training?

What kind of data are toughest to locate?

Which Data format gives you more headaches?

What software do you use?

Other GeoCommunity Polls

GIS Programmer - What is your current annual salary

GIS Manager - What is your current annual salary

GIS Coordinator - What is your current annual salary

GIS Programmer - What is your current annual salary

GIS Analyst - What is your current annual salary

GIS Technician - What is your current annual salary

What would you most like to see featured in the GeoImaging Channel?

How do you view GIS?

Which technology does your company need to know more about?

What would you like for X-mas from the boss?

What Career resource works best for you?

What kind of data do you have the greatest need for?

Which Survivor Tribe would you belong to??

What's your current employment status?

What are your company's plans regarding WebMapping?

Which data gives you more headaches?

How do you feel about recent changes in USGS DEM data distribution?

Which Operator System Do You Use?

Which operating system do you use?

Which Office Suite do you use?

What's your favorite event at the annual ESRI show?

If you could work for one of these companies, which one would it be?

What would you like to see more of?

Which task gives you more problems?

What are your thoughts about upgrading your ArcView software?

Where do you purchase GIS software?

Which discipline could you benefit the most from by learning more?

How would you rate the ESRI Business Partner Program?

What kind of data do you have the most problems imnporting?

Who do you think will win the million $$ on the CBC Survivor Series?

Who do you think will win the million $$ on the CBC Survivor Series?

I have a hard time obtaining:

Of the traditional GIS companies,<br> who do you think has made the most impact<br> on the wireless-

How do you Search the web?

Which is your favorite conference to attend?

I'd like to know more about:

Which subject area would you like to learn more about?

Which of the following gives you more headaches?

Which of the following is your favorite gathering place in San Diego (downtown)?

How do you feel about GIS magazines/trade pubs?

Which data format stresses you out the most?

Which SuperBowl ad did you like best?

Which best describes your current Employment situation?

When do you plan to start developing wireless apps?

When do you plan to setup an internet map server

The most useful area of The GeoCommunity is:

Which New Year resolution is best for you?

I would really like more information about:

What company do you expect big things from in 2001?

Which task gives you more headaches?

What was your major reason for puchasing data from The GeoCommunity?

What Kind of Holiday Bonus Are You Expecting?

Which of the following is most applicable to your company's hiring situation?

Will you or your company be implementing an Internet WebMap Server?

Which data product would you like to have better access to?

What kind of employees are toughest to find?

Which product release do you think was most dissapointing?

What is the best source for finding employees or a job?

Who would you vote for in the US election?

What gives you more headaches?

Where do you seek help most often?

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