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Claritas Announces Distinctive Census 2000 Internet Site

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SAN DIEGO, May 4, 2001-- Free Site Provides Public Law 94-171 Redistricting Data Enhanced By a Series of Claritas-Calculated Variables and Flexible Retrieval Methods

To extend added value to recently-released Census 2000 redistricting data, Claritas Inc., the premier provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing services, Friday announced it has launched a free Internet site distinguished by a series of variables on race and ethnicity unavailable anywhere else.

In describing the new site, (accessible at Heather Oles, vice president of Software Product Management, said there are 402 demographic data items across seven dataset groupings, which are:

-- Race All Ages

-- Non-Hispanic by Race All Ages

-- Race Population 18+

-- Non-Hispanic or Latino Population 18+

-- Claritas Calculated Hispanic

-- Claritas Calculated Hispanic 18+

-- Additional Claritas Calculated

"The base data on the site are provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, specifically the Census 2000 Redistricting Data Summary File, also known as Public Law 94-171, or PL-94 for short. Claritas has taken the data a step further by expanding the census information," said Oles. She explained that in addition to the census data Claritas is providing:

-- Claritas calculated variables -- including Hispanic data -- Flexible area definitions -- Downloadable datasets -- Preformatted reports and maps (under development, but expected to be released soon)

Robert Nascenzi, president and CEO of Claritas, said the site clearly demonstrates how Claritas is committed to providing a full and clear picture of census data by enhancing it with distinctive variables. "Turning data into useful information is the essence of Claritas' products and services, and in line with that, this new site really delivers the goods, all at no cost," he said.

Oles said that along with the upcoming preformatted reports and maps another new feature, expected by mid-May, will include radius and polygon data as retrieval options.

The Census 2000 Redistricting Summary File, enacted under Public Law 94-171 in 1975, directs the Census Bureau to provide redistricting data in order for the states to redraw districts for both the Congress and state legislatures. It provides population counts for all persons and all persons 18 years old and older. It also has counts of Hispanic/Latino persons by race (63 categories) and non-Hispanic/Latino persons by race (also 63 categories) for both the total population and the population 18 years and older.

Based in San Diego, Claritas Inc. is regarded as the premier worldwide provider of precision marketing solutions, developed, in part, through intricate customer segmentation systems and other such marketing tools. It is a division of VNU Marketing Information Inc. (VNU MI Inc), an established leader in providing a wide variety of industries with innovative precision-marketing solutions including geodemographic information and qualitative audience research. VNU MI Inc. is a subsidiary of VNU Inc., that also includes Nielsen Media Research, Bill Communications, BPI Communications, SRDS, VNU eMedia, and VNU Expositions.

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