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Innovative ArcIMS Application Wins LBS Award
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Redlands, California - ESRI, the global leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology, congratulates LOC-AID Technologies, Inc., as the winner of this year's NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge-North America award in the Entertainment and Leisure category. Wireless industry experts selected LOC-AID Treasure, which uses ESRI's ArcIMS technology, from more than 140 international entries narrowed down to a group of 14 semifinalists. Winners were announced during the recent Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) Wireless 2006 conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The challenge encourages application developers to build innovative location-based service (LBS) applications that work with portable devices using dynamic positioning technology and NAVTEQ maps. Participants compete in one of four categories-Navigation, Business Applications, Entertainment and Leisure, or Social Networking-to win $10,000 cash and $75,000 in NAVTEQ data licenses.

"LOC-AID Technologies is proud to have been selected winner of the entertainment category," says Isaias Sudit, chief executive officer of LOC-AID Technologies. "LOC-AID Treasure offers a fun and different method for wireless carriers to introduce LBS services to consumers and enterprise customers alike. We are grateful for the support we have received from ESRI in achieving our current level of success." LOC-AID Treasure takes players on a location-based treasure hunt. Players can share the fun with others and win prizes while they also learn to use wireless devices to navigate maps and access images. Last year, the LOC-AID People entry won first place in the contest's Peer-to-Peer/Find Me category.

ESRI ArcIMS is a solution for delivering dynamic maps and GIS data and services via the Web. It provides a highly scalable framework for GIS Web publishing that meets the needs of corporate intranets and demands of worldwide Internet access. Using ArcIMS, city and local governments, businesses, and other organizations worldwide publish, discover, and share geospatial information. With ArcIMS, you can

* Deliver dynamic maps and data via the Web.

* Create easy-to-use, task-focused applications that use geographic content.

* Develop custom applications using industry-standard Web development environments.

* Share data with others to accomplish tasks.

* Implement GIS portals.

Three other Global LBS Challenge finalists based their applications on ESRI's ArcWeb Services. ArcWeb Services offer developers a rich Web services platform for integrating mapping into desktop, browser, or mobile applications. ArcWeb Services offer dozens of programming objects and classes, on-demand mapping data from more than 20 leading commercial mapping data and content providers, as well as APIs for SOAP, OpenLS, REST, and J2ME.

In the Entertainment and Leisure category, the CUTLASS, Inc., application HOT-n-COLD is an LBS version of the game "tag" that gives players a local map and sends them red or blue messages indicating how close they are to a hideout-a promotional venue, a retailer, or a café. Walking or driving, players input street addresses as they travel. HOT-n-COLD works on all cell phones, and its underlying components are patent pending.

KnowledgeWhere's Mobile Pooch competed in the Social Networking category and allows players to personalize a virtual dog that plays interactive games, communicates with friends, and discovers virtual prizes in real-world locations. Players locate friends, look for hidden prizes, and receive navigation instructions to find retailers where prizes can be redeemed.

A finalist in the Business Applications category, Astroleap's eureka!mobile product is a location-based mobile advertising and coupon application. It allows users to use their mobile devices to search for, download, and redeem special offers, promotions, and coupons according to their location.

Intelligent Spatial Technologies, LLC (iST), used ArcGIS to prepare location data used by its product, iPointer. A finalist in the Navigation/POI Look-up/Traffic category, iPointer is a mobile search and location-sensitive content delivery system that lets mobile users point their cell phone or PDA at a landmark (e.g., restaurant, museum, historic site), engage the iPointer search engine with a single click, and retrieve location-specific content