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Oregon State Chooses ER Mapper to Develop High-speed Orthoimagery Portal
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San Diego, 18 April 2007 -- Oregonians will soon have access to high-quality aerial and satellite imagery via a state-of-the-art orthoimagery portal developed by ER Mapper's Enterprise Services Division. The portal will be used to serve the 2005 half-meter orthoimagery that the State has obtained in cooperation with the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), along with other aerial and satellite imagery datasets. The portal will be capable of delivering a staggering 46,000 WMS map requests per hour. ER Mapper has been pioneering Geospatial Imagery Solutions since its inception in 1989.

The portal will be built on core ER Mapper technology including Image Web Server and the Image Integration Framework. ER Mapper Image Web Server is a high-speed application specifically designed to make geospatial imagery more accessible and more versatile. Image Web Server works in tandem with GIS to provide faster access to a complete geospatial information picture. The portal's interface allows integration with the web-based Oregon ExplORer natural resources digital library at Oregon State University and navigatOR, the GIS Utility for the State of Oregon.

Oregon agencies receive many requests from organizations throughout the state for geospatial data, particularly orthoimagery and aerial photography. User needs typically go beyond simple viewing to include such features as clipping data for an area of interest, compressing these data, and shipping them to the user, as well as seamlessly integrating with other geospatial internet applications. A Web-based Internet portal application providing access to and distribution of public domain, statewide orthoimagery will meet the majority of users' needs.

"Oregon has a diverse collection of clients, each with targeted needs and application for imagery," says Renee Davis-Born, Oregon State University project manager for the Oregon imagery portal. Users need access to high-quality data and products that can be obtained in a timely fashion. We are excited to be working with ER Mapper to develop the Oregon imagery portal. It will provide the geospatial data needed for important tasks such as natural resources planning, emergency response, and maintenance of Oregon's transportation infrastructure. The portal also will enable coordination among state, Federal and local government agencies and will make imagery available to the public in a user-friendly way."

According to Cy Smith, Oregon Statewide GIS Coordinator, "The State of Oregon has taken an innovative approach to obtaining and making available high-resolution imagery at the statewide scale. The imagery portal being developed for us by ER Mapper will be a foundational component of navigatOR, our geospatial utility that will provide integrated, regularly maintained government data to the public, to government agencies at all levels, and to private sector companies. Making this base data available to all via the web will eliminate the need for duplicated data development and will save taxpayers millions of dollars every year. The extensive functionality of the imagery portal provides great advantages for government users in comparison to standard commercially available imagery portals, such as GoogleEarth. This portal was financed through a collaborative effort among over a dozen Oregon counties, two regional organizations, ten state agencies, four federal agencies, a timber company, a private electric utility, and several other companies."

Chris Ribbel, President of ER Mapper Americas commented, "Our solutions are ideal for rapid serving of large amounts of imagery. With several terabytes of new NAIP aerial photography, the State of Oregon faced challenges in how they manage, store, and distribute this data. Our solutions offer unparalleled performance for the users, with minimal hardware requirements."

About the Oregon Explorer:
The Oregon Explorer natural resources digital library ( is envisioned to use the power of today's cutting edge information technology to create a state-of-the-art web-accessible natural resources digital library by way of accessing and integrating data from state and federal agencies, local governments, university scientists and citizens to support informed decisions and actions by people concerned with Oregon's natural resources and environment. It is a joint effort between the Oregon University System's Institute for Natural Resources and the Oregon State University Libraries.

About the Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office:
The Geospatial Enterprise Office (GEO) provides statewide GIS coordination for state agencies and is the main point of contact for GIS with other agencies and organizations. GEO relies heavily on a collaborative effort between state, federal, and local governments to ensure the completeness and accuracy of shared data. GEO provides statewide leadership in promoting the use of GIS technology and ensures the availability of easily accessible, high quality geographic information.

About ER Mapper:
ER Mapper has been pioneering advances in the processing, storage and distribution of geospatial imagery since its inception in 1989. ER Mapper develops both Desktop and Enterprise Geospatial Imagery applications. The company's innovative solutions are used across a broad spectrum of industries including; Local, State and Federal Government, Defense, Construction, Mining and Oil & Gas.

ER Mapper is a global organization with offices in San Diego, Denver, Washington, New York, London, Madrid, Singapore, Perth and Melbourne. The company also has a large network of resellers around the globe. For more information about ER Mapper and the ER Mapper suite of products please go to

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