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Time-Based Analysis Added to Mapping Package, Along with Updated Maps and Census data
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Time-based analysis of geographical data, taking GIS (geographic information systems) firmly into the fourth dimension, is the highlight of the newly-released version 6 of GeoXploit, the powerful but user-friendly GIS, digital mapping and data package from MapMechanics.

The 4D analysis feature is also included in version 6 of GeoXploit Logistics, the extended version of the package designed specifically for the logistics market. The new versions of GeoXploit and GeoXploit Logistics also feature updated digital maps and demographic data, including a wide range of social class and population information from the 2011 Census.

The GeoXploit package was created and is supplied by MapMechanics to give both novice and experienced GIS users a flying start in applying geographic analysis to practical business requirements. It includes a full version of the widely-used and powerful GeoConcept geographic information system, pre-configured to perform frequently-occurring tasks, along with a wide range of popular digital map data, business data and demographic data from some of the world’s leading suppliers.

GeoXploit Logistics adds a range of data and other features for users in the logistics and transport world, helping them integrate it more easily with related software applications.

The new version 6 of GeoXploit and GeoXploit Logistics both benefit from the latest updates in GeoConcept 7.1, which includes the powerful new 4D functionality, full compatibility with Windows 8, updated reporting functionality, links to Google StreetView (enabling users to see locations as if they were on foot), and new open architecture that lets users share map analysis between departments and systems.

Using the 4D capability, users can view changes in data on the same map on different dates or at different times of day. For instance, it would be possible to display a map of a town on various dates during a decade or century, highlighting building developments or monitoring flood levels over time. Or the time period under scrutiny could be much shorter; for instance, the journeys taken by each vehicle in a fleet could be traced over the course of a single day, or the market penetration for each store in a network could be viewed over the last few years.

There are several ways to view the data. Users can move through time interactively by operating an on-screen slider bar; they can select the date or time to display; or the software can be set to run through the time period automatically by means of an animated sequence.

Whilst it has always been possible to make this kind of comparison, in the past it would have been necessary to generate separate maps showing the different phases of development, and then display them alternately or side by side. The 4D feature allows the varying views to be presented much more conveniently within the same map, where changes are easier to identify and track.

Both versions of GeoXploit 6 include a wide range of digital mapping and data from many leading suppliers such as the AA, Ordnance Survey, NAVTEQ, Royal Mail, Microsoft Bing and the Office of National Statistics.

The 2011 Census information now supplied as part of GeoXploit’s enlarged data package includes social class and population information at sector, district, area, output area and ward levels.

To help users understand the changes that have taken place since the previous 2001 Census, reference codes for that data are also included. Amongst the wide range of other mapping and related data supplied with the package, GeoXploit now features new boundary data and updated road network data.

Background mapping data has also been updated. In the main GeoXploit package this consists of new NAVTEQ mapping, while for GeoXploit Logistics, which may require custom road speed networks, new AA mapping has been provided.

GeoXploit is pre-configured with regularly-used processes and queries so that users can get up and running with relevant solutions as quickly as possible, and take advantage of the supplied data quickly and conveniently. However, the full power of the underlying GeoConcept application is always available for those who require it. 

About ​MapMechanics

MapMechanics has over 20 years experience in using map-based solutions to help organisations to identify new opportunities and improve efficiency while still offering excellent customer service. Examples include decisions such as where to install ATMs, collect and deliver milk, allocate leads to franchisees, how to efficiently operate a school book service or deliver prisoners to court and much more. Indeed we help improve any business process that has a geographic component.

Established as Kingswood Ltd in 1987, the company soon gained an enviable reputation for expertise in map related technologies. Increasingly customers have referred to us as "The MapMechanics" and now the company name reflects this acknowledged area of competence

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