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GfK Releases New Digital Maps For Business Planning In Russia
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Bruchsal - June 27, 2013 - GfK's new, completely overhauled digital maps for Russia comprise the basis for geomarketing applications in sales, marketing and expansion. The maps reflect the latest postal and administrative status, thus giving users a reliable foundation for accurately geocoding company and market data.

GfK has updated 19 digital maps of Russia to reflect the hundreds of new postal and administrative regions as well as the changes that have occurred since the last update. The administrative regions and two-digit postcodes offer comprehensive coverage of the entire country. Very detailed six-digit postcodes are available for 17 of Russia's largest cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan', Nizhnij Novgorod, Perm', Rostov-na-Donu, Samara, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Cheljabinsk; and also for Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Saratov and Sochi. The six-digit postcodes are available for the entire provinces (oblasts) of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Available immediately, the new map edition features coverage of all official postal and administrative regions, such as municipalities or districts. Also included are supplementary topographic maps featuring city points, the street network, bodies of water and airports.

Digital maps that render postal boundaries (such as the six-digit postcodes in Russia) and administrative boundaries (districts, city areas, regions and federal districts) form the foundation for software-based analyses with a geographic component in geomarketing, GIS, ERP and other database applications.

"It's very difficult to acquire detailed, up-to-date data sources for Russia," explains Klaus Dittmann, head of cartography at GfK. "Our cartographers often have to painstakingly research the exact locations of the administrative and postal boundaries. Our new maps give companies a very precise and up-to-date basis for business analyses in Russia. Reliable maps are a prerequisite for correctly geocoding company data and accurately analyzing data on market potential."

Changes and additions

Coverage of the six-digit postcodes has been comprehensively expanded in the new GfK map edition. The maps now render approximately 3,300 six-digit postcodes thanks to the more than 1,000 postcodes associated with the 15 additional major cities.

There have been several boundary changes to the country's 80 provinces (oblasts). Particularly noteworthy is that the oblast of Moscow has more than doubled through the partial incorporation of other rayons.

In terms of the country's districts (rayons), 19 regions have been dissolved and six have been added. The new maps provide coverage of Russia's almost 2,500 districts and the approximately 530 city districts.


Digital maps play an essential role in international expansion and sales territory planning, serving as an indispensable component of geomarketing software and geographic information systems (GIS). These software applications are used to analyze and display the geographic component of company and market data on digital maps.

Coverage, quality, format

The high-quality maps included in the edition feature comprehensive coverage; gapless, overlap-free boundaries; national and local attributions and infinite zoom capability.

Like all digital maps offered by GfK, the new GfK Russia Map Edition is available in all standard map formats, including *.shp (ESRI), *.tab (MapInfo), *.gdb (GeoDatabase) and *.lay (GfK). The maps are also available in the Oracle (Spatial) database format for use in Oracle Business Intelligence applications.

GfK digital maps are available through the geomarketing solution area and comprise the largest collection of digital administrative and postcode maps on the market.

Additional information on GfK’s worldwide digital maps can be found at

Print-quality illustrations can be found at

About GfK

GfK is one of the world’s largest research companies, with around 13,000 experts working to discover new insights into the way people live, think and shop, in over 100 markets, every day. Given this focus, GfK values ongoing innovation and intelligent solutions. For more than 100 countries, GfK delivers the knowledge that companies need to better understand their customers. In 2012, GfK’s sales amounted to €1.51 billion. Additional information can be found at

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