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Maxoptra's Routing & Scheduling Solution is the Purrrrrfect for Natures Menu
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Maxoptra dynamic scheduling and vehicle routing software has  proved ‘ business critical’ for market leading raw pet food manufacturer Natures  Menu. 

With sales of natural pet food growing by nearly 30 percent last year, the sponsor of international canine event Crufts has seen a fourfold increase in the  size of its delivery fleet since the introduction of the Maxoptra software in  2012. The company now makes around 150,000 temperature controlled deliveries per  annum, and is due to open a brand new GBP14 million manufacturing plant later  this year to deal with increasing consumer demand and to deliver new innovation  to the market.  

“The daily planning of B2B and B2C deliveries would  be very difficult without Maxoptra. We currently operate around 60 vehicles in  the UK, from four different depots, making on average a delivery every minute,”  commented Chris Warden, Operations Manager at Natures Menu. “Maxoptra has really benefitted our operational efficiency in the supply chain and without it we  would definitely need additional planning staff and more vehicles.”  

Natures Menu has been using the Maxoptra cloud based delivery  routing and scheduling solution for more than five years, during which time the  company has grown exponentially. Each day orders are automatically exported from the company’s Enterprise software into Maxoptra, where intelligent route planning and optimisation features are used to auto-plan around 600 deliveries to retailers and consumers’ home addresses. Maxoptra allows for easy customisation of routes to incorporate local knowledge or specific delivery requests, and the approved schedule is then communicated directly to the  drivers ’ in-cab navigation devices and also back to the central Enterprise system.   

"At the time we selected Maxoptra, it  was technically the best and the most cost effective solution on offer, and in  our opinion continues to be so,”

continued Warden. “Using Maxoptra, our  operational costs are as low as they can be, our fleet is utilised to maximum  capacity, our drivers are engaged and our customers can be kept informed. It has  also helped improve our customer service, which is something we are most proud  of, especially given our recent gold star award from Feefo.” 

Stuart  Brunger, Head of Business Development at Maxoptra, added, “Helping businesses on  massive growth curves, like Natures Menu, is our forte.

Unlike legacy solutions,  Maxoptra is designed to not only save operating costs, but more importantly  enables our users to offer a delivery experience to customers that supports  ambitious growth objectives.”