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GIS Education

With the help of a number of GIS software vendors and Colleges offering GIS programs, we've put together a collection of educational GIS material, College listings, and pointers to online training.

GIS in Education The History and Application of GIS in Education - focuses on the history and application of GIS as a tool of data analysis in K-12 Education

Tapestry of Time A Tapestry of Time and Terrain - One of the most dramatic and beautiful maps of the United States, ever published.

Tutorials and on-line Training - Everyone can always use some training! Check out this collection of GIS training facilities and on-line training materials.

Colleges & Universities - We've developed a directory listing hundreds of colleges and Universities offering GIS and geo-spatial courses. Select from U.S., Canadian, and International listings.

More Educational Links - For those of you who can't get enough weblinks, or, perhaps we found a GIS edu resource that doesn't fit in one of the categories listed above... here's a ton of GIS educational links.

White Papers - A huge collection of GIS white papers covering software and data format specifications, industry market research, and training and special interest papers.

Autodesk | Caris | Census | Database | DCW | ERDAS | ESRI | Genamap | GIS | Intergraph | MapInfo | SDTS | Miscelaneous

EDU Updates

Columbia University and Unesco Launch Joint Partnership (06.18.02) - On June 21 at The the United Nations, the The Earth Institute at Columbia University and the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) will formally announce The Columbia University/UNESCO Joint Program on Biosphere and Society (CUBES). CUBES is the first joint partnership between Columbia University and the United Nations. Its mission is to assist local communities around the globe in adapting to rapid environmental and societal change and to share information between societies facing similar challenges.

DMTI Spatial & SMART (04.18.02) - DMTI Spatial Launches SMART, an Innovative Program Designed to Bring Affordable Mapping to Canadian Colleges & Universities

GIS & REMOTE SENSING FOR WILDLIFE MANAGERS - An Introduction to the use of Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing in Conservation and Wildlife Management April 22- 26, 2002. The course will be taught at the National Zoological Park's Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Virginia.

Training From The USGS (01.11.02) - USGS Teaches Map and Compass Reading and How to Use Global Positioning System Receivers.

MS in GIS from UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS (02.28.02) - Deadline for applications from students wishing to participate in the session beginning September 2002 at the International Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems course is April 30, 2002. Additionally, under a one-time U.S. Federal Scholarship program, qualified applicants for the September 2002 and January 2003 programs are eligible for full or partial tuition scholarships (Applications must be received by June 30 for the January 2003 program).

Training From The USGS (01.11.02) - USGS Teaches Map and Compass Reading and How to Use Global Positioning System Receivers.

Syncline News (12.10.01) - Syncline Launches MapCiti Academic Program to Promote the Benefits of Web-based GIS Across Multiple Fields of Study.

Distance Ed. in GIS & Geo-Spatial Technologies - By popular request, we've put together a comprehensive guide to distance learning in GIS and geo-spatial technologies. Additional contributions are welcome!

Education-World Article (11.28.01) - U.S. Geological Survey Is Gold Mine for Educators. this article explores the educational offerings made available by the USGS.

More GeoSpatial Educational News

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