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  • AUGI - Autodesk User Group International at AU 2002

    By GeoCommunity Staff(, December 9, 2002 (GeoCommunity AU 2002 Home)

    Autodesk User Group International (AUGI)... now 12 years young, 35,000 strong and growing! Chances are you are already familiar (and a member) with AUGI. AUGI is an International community of Autodesk users and developers. The group is headed up by a panel of elected officials; their creed - to Educate, Enlighten, Enhance, and Empower users. Membership is free and netwroking opportunites are plentiful.

    Since AU is obviously an educational event, AUGI is a vital communication link in Autodesk's preparation and planning of the event. Last week at AU, AUGI held its 12th annual meeting. Hosted by Lynn Allen of Autodesk, the meeting served to introduce newcomers to the group, bring existing members up-to-date of the latest happenings, and tell all of future plans. I estimated that there were at least 1,500 people in attendance (pretty good for a meeting at the end of an 8 hour day) and those present were rewarded with free sunglasses and a number of chances to win free software.

    AUGI Perhaps the single most important message to come out of the meeting was the emphasis to attendees that volunteers are always needed and a reminder of how rewarding your efforts can be. If you feel so inclined to join, membership is free, and some of the tasks that you can volunteer for include:
    • educating your peers
    • share you experinces with others
    • write an article/tech tip, tutorial
    • author a course
    • help in an AUGI booth at an event near you
    • become a Beta tester
    • contribute to wishlist
    • help with website
    • particpate in product guilds
    • start/volunteer with a LUG (there are currently more than 200 in 125 counties!)
    AUGI volunteers (or AUGI Dogs) get out of the group at the very least what they put in. Those of you interested in reaching AUGI members with your message may also wish to consider becoming an AUGI exchange sponsor or advertiser on the newsletter & website. This is obviously a cost effective way to reach a highly targeted group of industry professionals.

    Topping off the meeting was the presentation of the AUGI Top Ten Wish list to Autodesk. Over the past year, AUGI members have submitted their wishes to AUGI. Volunteers examined every wish and whittled hundreds of requests (some 650+) down to the top 10 most requested wishes for inclusion in Autodesk product updates - company technical managers are quick to praise the wish list as a vital link in the communication between users and developers, with most top wishes seriously considered for a future revision. This year AUGI presented the following Top 10 wishes:
    # 10 - Include the pline width in the matchprop command
    # 9 - a means to include a table in a drawing and edit similar to mtext
    # 8 - provide additional symbols via %% encoding
    # 7 - allow bhatch to autoclose boundaries with small openings
    # 6 - option to match all properties of one viewport to another
    # 5 - recall multiple redos (HUGE APPLAUS!)
    # 4 - trim hatches using other objects
    # 3 - print native DWG as a PDF file
    # 2 - provide more features in mtext like those in a word processor
    # 1 - include all R14 bonus and express tools with shipping products.
    The meeting culminated with the presentation of the 2002 budget (a surplus was realized) and the announcement that the election for the 2003 AUGI board would take place later this month. To honor outgoing president Yoshi Honda, board members changed into their best Hawaii party shirts and sunglasses (Honda is a native of Hawaii). The meeting was followed up with the AUGI Beer Bust... pizza and beer was on the menu at this, the first networking opportunity of the conference. Attendees casually ended the day with a couple of cold ones and a first chance to see the latest software and service offerings from Autodesk and its strategic partners.

    AUGI Publications

    AUGI Hot News - a biweekly email newsletter disseminating timely news and information to AUGI members. News, promotions, surveys are included in each edition. 8,000 subscribers, growing @ 700 per/month

    AugiWorld - popular print magazine distributed to members - your online communication tool with AUGI. Contributions and sponsorship opportunites available.

    AUGI Images!

    Autodesk's Lynn Allen introduces AUGI Board

    AUGI Board President Yoshi Honda (right)
    and technical editor John Clausen (left)

    AUGI gave away some great prizes!
    L. Allen presents a lucky winner with his prize

    "Nice shades Yoshi"... AUGI gave all attendees a pair shades

    The AUGI Playpen was a popular stop on the exhibition floor

    Be sure to visit and register as a member!

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