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2000 Olympics Maps and Imagery

by SpatialNews

Sports fans around the world are gearing up for the 2000 Olympics being held in Sydney, Australia. To help those of you searching for photos, imagery, and maps of Sydney we've put together a short collection of some of the best Olympic resources we've managed to locate. If you have or know of a resource providing maps, data, or images of Sydney please let us know about it - submit to

Space Imaging
This first one-meter resolution image of Sydney, Australia was collected by Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite. It is the first high-resolution satellite image ever taken of an Olympic site. The IKONOS satellite travels four miles-per-second in an orbit 423 miles above Earth. The image showcases the stunning features of the 2000 Olympic Park, located just off Homebush Bay about nine miles or 14 kilometers west of downtown Sydney. Olympic Park venues seen in the image include the Main Stadium, Superdome, Athletics Centre and warm-up arena, Aquatic Centre, and the hockey, tennis and baseball venues. Credit: ""

Image Credit:

Press Release - First High-Resolution Satellite Image of Sydney's Olympic Park Released (Sept. 12, 2000)

City of Sydney - Just in time for the Olympics a series of interactive maps focusing on the City of Sydney. Maps included are Torch Relay, Marathon, Triathalon, Bus Network, Rail Network, Taxi Ranks and Car Parking Stations Map and a City of Sydney Base Map. All maps include the ability to zoom, pan, print.

Skyline Software Systems creator of interactive 3D fly-through experiences over a "Digital Earth" is providing CNN/Sports Illustrated (CNN/SI) with virtual 3D aerial tour coverage of the 2000 Summer Olympic Game venues and the greater Sydney, Australia area. Skyline has used its unique technology to cover other sporting events, including the 2000 Paris-Dakar-Cairo off-road rally, and the 1999 and 2000 Tour de France bicycle races.

Lonely Planet Sydney Interactive, city sync, destination sydney and more. This is an ESRI technology site involving ArcIMS on an Apache net server platform, with a link to ArcSDE for access to an Oracle geodatabase running on a Sun system. The database has been developed using a combination of ArcInfo for data editing and management and the ArcPad GIS for field verification of the details of each Lonely Planet site/entry. has put together some excellent resources to help guide you through the venues hosting the 31 sports being contested in sydney for the 2000 Olympics. Attractive image maps are used to provide news, statistics, and photographs about the facilities.

GlobeExplorer real-time supplier of earth imagery to e-businesses over the Internet. GlobeXplorer imagery takes you on a visual tour of the Sydney Olympics! Tour the Olympic venues with imagery collected in july and August 2000. High resolution imagery can be purchased online.

The ACRES Image Gallery provided by Auslig is serving up satellite imagery of the Sydney area. Click on the boxes outlined on the map to view more detailed imagery. is providing the nicest graphics and details of the venues that I've seen. Details of each venue can be found by selecting from a pull down menu. Once you've selected a venue you are presented with a detailed description and history of the venue. Click on the "click here to view map" option and you'll be presented with some very impressive graphics of the chosen venue. Be sure to click around the image as most of them are hyperlinked to more detailed information.

The oficial Olympics website at has some very impressive imagery available. click on the "Venues" option near the top of the page. you can then mouse-over the image map. Click on any live hyperlink to be presented detailed information. You should now have a page with an index listed on the right side-bar. Clicking on any venue option listed will bring up detailes on that particular site, along with related images. One of my favorite advances in imagery is the "iPix" panoramic views that are now available online (widely used in real estate applications). Locate the link to "panoramic view" and click on the link. You'll now have a new window with a scrollable, zoomable, iPix image. If you've never seen iPix graphics before be sure to check this out... its very cool! Getmapping Australia was established in June 2000 with the mission to produce the first complete detailed image map for Australia. A nifty feature of the site is the "send a postcard" option. Send a map card to a friend or colleague. Once received the recipient can then explore the post card in greater detail using an interactive map viewer... I received on from Richard Bentley of GetMapping (below) The image on the card is that of Stadium Australia at Homebush (Olympic Village)

Identify Cities From Space! How well do you know the landscape of Australia's capital cities? Try this nifty online quiz and see if you can identify the capital cities from satellite imagery. I got 4 out of 8 but its been 15 years since I last visited Australia!

Sydney 2000 AUSLIG, Australia's national mapping agency, has just put out a new section titled "Australian geographic information for International visitors". View the capital from space, use the Gazetteer, view imagery and much more... very cool stuff here! They've also just released a new Sydney Map for tourists... details here

Waterways Authority of New South Wales is the government agency responsible for, among other things, Sydney harbor. Olympic sailing and swimming events are being staged in the harbor and Waterways established the racing areas and is coordinating the traffic within the harbor.

Splash Strategic Planning Linkup Around Sydney Harbour - Some very nice DHTML mapping of Sydney provided by the office of the Sydney Harbour manager.

The Coastal Atlas of Australia lets you view layers of information about the Australian coast. The Atlas includes maps and images of the coastal zone showing information about water quality, climate, fisheries and more! The Atlas is conveniently divided into several nodes in order to help narrow your search for information

Land Information Center Online The LIC has responsibility for the acquisition, maintenance and provision of cadastral, topographic, aerial photography, survey control and natural resource information, with a focus on digital or computer-based forms of the data.

AirView Aerial photography and Ordering for NSW If you need aerial photography for areas in New South Wales this is place to be. Airview allows for the viewing and ordering of standard coverage aerial photography of NSW

Olympic GIS Teaching Package ESRIís Schools and Libraries Program staff, in collaboration with, have developed the Olympic GIS teaching package for free download from ESRIís ArcLessons Web site (, keyword search: Olympics). The materials, written for use with ESRIís ArcVoyager software, can also be used with ArcExplorer and ArcView GIS. ESRI also makes available free ArcVoyager GIS software to use with the package. A CD containing it and other educational resources can be ordered from

Other Australian GIS/Mapping Weblinks of Interest:

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