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  • Interview with Lee Finniear, Director, IntelliWhere

    By GeoCommunity Staff, June 16, 2003 (Printer Friendly)

    The Geocommunity crew hooked up with Dr. Lee Finnier, Director, IntelliWhere (a division of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions) recently at GeospatialWorld 2003. We used this opportunity to ask several questions about the latest products and services available from IntelliWhere. IntelliWhere™ is a division of IMGS and is specifically focused on the location-based services (LBS) industry.

    Has the focus on enterprise clients and a shift away from the consumer market segment paid off for Intergraph/ IntelliWhere and do you expect to stay focused on this market segment for years to come?

    IntelliWhere’s focus on the enterprise market has definitely paid off for Intergraph. This market recognizes the immediate potential of location-based technology to optimize business processes and mobile workforce performance - whether through tracking, job assignment, or the automated delivery and use of corporate mapping and asset data in the field. We intend to remain focused on this market, but will be closely watching the consumer market for location-based services. When it starts to take off, we are well placed to capitalize on emerging consumer opportunities, as our product set has been designed from the very outset to handle the scalability and reliability necessary for this market.

    Do you have vertical or application specific products planned (eg TrackForce e-911 or TrackForce Patrol - for police officers etc ) or would this be something handled by your consultants working with their specific clients?

    IntelliWhere’s mobile resource management solutions are horizontal, to be easily deployed in any industry without the need for additional customization. Intergraph’s focus is its traditional customer base, including local and state governments, transportation departments, utilities, land information management, military and homeland security.

    The product line really strikes me as being "high end" ie for large enterprise solutions and having a BIG price tag. What about solutions for the smaller guy? What I mean is maybe a small consulting firm with a field based project that is looking for a bundled solution. Is that the focus of IntelliWhere OnDemand and if so have you been pleased with the adoption rate of IntelliWhere OnDemand?

    All the IntelliWhere products are designed to be highly scalable, which make them the perfect fit for both large and small organizations. For instance, with IntelliWhere TrackForce the basic solution is offered for tracking 50 objects or less (such as field crews and mobile assets). If you have thousands of objects to track, then the solution is easily scaled upwards. This flexibility also makes it particularly suitable for a subscription service model. For instance, a telecommunications company can offer a standardized tracking service to its business customers. It can start off with the basic entry level IntelliWhere TrackForce solution. As its customer base expands, the company can increase the ability to track more objects by scaling up the solution. IntelliWhere OnDemand was also developed to be extremely scalable and accessible to enterprises of any size. For use in the field and updating corporate mapping and asset data, this product has been very successful, with deployments in more than 50 enterprises.

    We realize that many organizations may be small or want to test the solution first. The Mobile Workforce Starter Kit was designed to help small companies and pilot projects get started quickly and cost efficiently. One such customer recently purchased the Mobile Workforce Starter Kit to automate field data collection. The company did not have a GIS, but with the starter kit they received all the software needed to implement the project efficiently.

    The IntelliWhere TrackForce solution is billed as a high-end solution. What about something fun like say tracking sailboats in a round the world yacht race? Any "fun" clients happening like that yet?

    I can understand the perception of IntelliWhere TrackForce being a high-end solution, but it is not that simple. The scalability of the solution accommodates small and large customers. As mentioned earlier, this flexibility allows the solution to grow with the organization as their needs increase. From a technical perspective, tracking of sailboats in a round the world yacht race is absolutely possible. There are many conceivable uses for a product like IntelliWhere TrackForce. Our focus and success has been in the enterprise space, but we look forward to opportunities in other areas.

    How would you define your client makeup to date ie main industries?

    Intergraph has focused on selling IntelliWhere solutions to its traditional customer base in state and local government, transportation departments, utilities, military and homeland defense. In addition to enterprise solutions, we are also seeing these traditional customers use location-based technology for innovative consumer applications. An example is Dubai Municipality, where IntelliWhere technology will allow the public to access real-time route and traffic information.

    Where are most of your clients (USA, AUS, Europe?)

    The main customer base for IntelliWhere products is North America, however we also have a strong customer base in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

    Obviously homeland defense has been a big area since 9-11. Am I correct in assuming that is the main focus of IntelliWhere's solutions right now?

    Homeland defense is certainly an important area for IntelliWhere, but I would not say it is the main focus. Funding is beginning to be made available by the U.S. Government for homeland defense and we expect to see awards get larger in the near future.

    Since IntelliWhere provides a full range of integrated solutions that deliver location-based intelligence, this allows a broader focus than a single industry.

    Do you have any news or comments about the IntelliWhere suite you'd like to share? Please send details to the Editor (

    See Also, Intergraph’s IntelliWhere Division Releases IntelliWhere TrackForce for Mobile Resource Management

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