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Autodesk Map Series 5 Customer Questions and Answers

On May 22, 2002 Autodesk Corp. announced the release of the Autodesk Map Series for GIS The Autodesk Map Series combines proven technology into a single suite of software: Autodesk Map 5; Autodesk Raster Design 3; and the new Autodesk OnSite - providedfor Faster and Easier Visualization, Query, Markup, and Presentation of Spatial Data. This special contribution, provided by Autodesk serves to answer some of the common questions you may have about the product. For additonal information please visit

What is Autodesk Map Series?
Autodesk Map™ Series enables mapping professionals to create, integrate, maintain and present mapping data-all within one software package. Autodesk Map Series gives you the creation and maintenance tools of Autodesk Map™ plus the raster integration features in Autodesk® Raster Design software. And Autodesk Map Series combines these tools with the new easy-to-use Autodesk® OnSite 6 software for display, query, and presentation. All these features are completely integrated, and the price represents real value. Autodesk Map Series consists of the following components:
* Autodesk Map 5-Autodesk’s leading map creation and maintenance software
* Autodesk Raster Design 3-Full-featured raster/vector integration software, especially powerful in incorporating scanned aerial images into base-map data
* Autodesk OnSite 6-Autodesk’s new desktop companion product to Autodesk Map and Autodesk MapGuide® for display, query, and presentation

The Map Series addresses a number of customer segments

Why is Autodesk releasing Autodesk Map Series?
Autodesk Map Series offers a focused, targeted software solution for the needs of mapping professionals. It provides the best possible value to mapping professionals who need robust, full-featured tools for land use planning, outside plant/infrastructure design and management, and field service and maintenance.

Who is the Autodesk Map Series for?
  • GIS Specialists
  • GIS Managers
  • Mapping Engineers
  • Land Use Planners
  • Utility Designers
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Cartographers

    I still use AutoCAD Map® 3 software or AutoCAD® Release 14. Will I see many enhancements in the Autodesk Map Series?
    Absolutely. There have been many enhancements to all aspects of this suite. At the core, AutoCAD software has had many important enhancements-and so have the functions and products specific to your specialties. This includes data integration from a variety of sources-now including Oracle® Spatial, GIS analysis capabilities, creation of stunning thematic maps, and multiple drawings access by multiple users. You can learn more about these improvements at

    When will Autodesk Map Series be available?
    The English language version is scheduled to ship at the end of May 2002.

    Will Autodesk Map Series be available in languages besides English?
    Yes. Autodesk Map Series will be localized in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

    Are the individual products still available for purchase?
    Yes. You can still opt to purchase most of the products individually. There are no changes to the pricing or to the various upgrade options for individually purchased products. Check with your Autodesk representative to learn if Autodesk OnSite 6 is sold individually in your region.

    Can I upgrade to Autodesk Map Series from AutoCAD or Autodesk Map software?
    Yes. If you work in the mapping arena, Autodesk Map Series is your complete toolkit.

    Why should I buy Autodesk Map Series instead of buying only the individual products I need?
    Autodesk Map Series offers all the tools a mapping professional needs at a substantial cost savings compared to buying the products separately. It provides the best possible value to mapping professionals who need robust, full-featured tools for the purpose of land use planning, outside plant/infrastructure design and management, and field service and maintenance.

    How can I buy Autodesk Map Series?
    Autodesk Map Series is available for purchase through your local Autodesk Authorized Reseller.

    Can the Autodesk Map Series be purchased without a subscription?
    No. The Autodesk Map Series is available only under the Autodesk® Subscription Program. The Autodesk Subscription Program is an ideal way to stay current with the latest Autodesk software. With one annual subscription fee, you can eliminate budget-planning headaches and ensure you’ll get product updates as soon as they’re available. In addition, the Autodesk Subscription Program comes with support documents, e-Learning training courses, and optional direct online support. An Autodesk Authorized Reseller can provide complete information about Autodesk Map Series as well as the Autodesk Subscription Program. To locate the reseller nearest you visit

    I am already in the Autodesk Subscription Program. What are my options for upgrading to Autodesk Map Series?
    If you have a current, licensed copy of Autodesk Map or AutoCAD software and wish to upgrade to Autodesk Map Series and are currently in the subscription program, you can add the products you don’t have via one low-price upgrade. You will then receive the extra component subscription within Autodesk Map Series free of charge. The upgrade price depends on which of the Autodesk software programs you currently own and into which upgrade tier you fall. (Please see chart below.) At the expiration of your current subscription, you will be charged only the Autodesk Map Series subscription renewal pricing, not the full subscription price.

    Can I continue to purchase the components of Autodesk Map Series after I’ve purchased licenses for the whole series?
    Yes. After your initial Autodesk Map Series box product is purchased, you can add additional licenses to the individual components, through the Autodesk Subscription Self Service System, at the current product component pricing.

    How does installation work with Autodesk Map Series?
    Autodesk Map Series now has a single install to make your experience even better. Once the single install is finished, Autodesk Map Series uses only one authorization code for all three individual components. The components must be installed on the same workstation and cannot be deployed or floated individually.

    What happens if one of the components in Autodesk Map Series updates?
    As part of the subscription program, you will receive any updates or enhancements to these products. Autodesk strives to introduce new releases on a consistent and uniform schedule; however, in cases where this does not happen, you will receive an update to the components that have been updated.

    Will I get one box of software or three?
    The Autodesk Map Series box includes one CD that is used to install all three major components. The box has one serial number that is used during the installation. Also included in the box is an additional CD containing sample data, AutoCAD and Autodesk Map extensions, printed Getting Started guides for each component, and the AutoCAD Learning Assistance™ CD.

    Compatibility and System Requirements

    Can Autodesk Map Series run on a system that also has earlier releases of Autodesk Map or Autodesk Land Desktop products installed?
    Autodesk Map Series cannot run side-by-side with Autodesk Map 5. You will be prompted to first remove Autodesk Map 5 from your system before installing Autodesk Map Series. Autodesk Map Series will overwrite AutoCAD Map 2000i or AutoCAD Map 2000 if installed on the same computer. Autodesk Map Series can run side-by-side with previous releases of Autodesk Map, for example AutoCAD Map 3. Autodesk Map Series also can be installed side-by-side with any version of AutoCAD and the industry-specific products based on the AutoCAD platform including Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop®, AutoCAD® Mechanical, Autodesk® Architectural Desktop, and Autodesk® Land Desktop software.

    What are the system requirements for the Autodesk Map Series?
    The system requirements are the same as those for Autodesk Map 5, Autodesk Raster Design 3, and Autodesk OnSite 6: Recommended hardware requirements
    * Intel® Pentium® III or AMD-K6® III PC, 450MHz minimum
    * 128MB RAM
    * 200MB free disk space
    * VGA display 1024x768
    * Mouse or other pointing device
    * CD-ROM drive
    Operating systems
    * Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98, Windows Me*, or Windows NT® 4.0 SP5 or later
    Note: Windows 95 is not supported.
    *Oracle Spatial functionality only available on platforms supported by Oracle. Authorization and Licensing

    Are there any general authorization changes?
    The Autodesk Map Series uses the same licensing mechanism(s) delivered in Autodesk Map 5 for network and non-network installations. This includes the fact that the “grace period” between first running your product and issuing an authorization code has been reduced from 30 days to 15 for non-network installation. For network installations there is no grace period.

    Is there a multiplatform license?
    Yes, the Autodesk Map Series includes a multiplatform license that entitles you to run all three products on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5 or later) on a single computer.

    Autodesk, Autodesk Map, Autodesk MapGuide, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD Learning Assistance, and Mechanical Desktop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. © Copyright 2002 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved. -

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