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MapInfo Announces MapInfo Professional v6.5 Beta

MapInfo Corp. is looking for beta testers for their latest release of their flagship product - MapInfo 6.5. Accompanying the release is an update to the MapBasic programming language, also in release 6.5. Users will require Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000. Please note, in order to take part in the Beta testing program, users will require a MapInfo Passport (obtainable from the website).
According to MapInfo... "the Beta program is an opportunity for our most valued technical Beta sites to examine and evaluate the new software version. We are interested in your comments on compatibility issues with your software and hardware configurations. Additionally, we would like to learn about any migration issues from previous versions of MapInfo Professional to assure the highest quality for upgrades. We especially want to know about any incompatibilities between this new version and your existing applications. We are not seeking feature requests for this release; our goal is to increase the quality and stability of the current functionality to the highest degree before final ship. At the conclusion of the Beta program, we will be interested in any feature requests as we move to future development cycles. Much of the functionality of this release comes from your previous feature requests."

Release 6.5 Features

  • Prism Maps - An all-new thematic display type that extrudes polygons in the 3rd dimension based on a value.
  • Raster Translucency - The ability to control the percentage that layers display through raster images. Also, raster display override.
  • New Grid Format Direct Support - DEM, DTED and GTOPO30.
  • New Grid Interpolation Method - Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) based interpolation.
  • Enhanced Object Processing - Clean, snap, thin (generalize), and disaggregate objects.
  • New Object Types - Multi-point and Collection.
  • New Invert Selection - The ability to select all items in a table that are not currently selected.
  • New and Enhanced Tools - HTML Image Maps based on multiple layers including points, lines, and polylines with HotLinks and HyperLinks
  • Scale Bars in Layout windows
  • New Coordinate Extractor Tool and GridInfo Tool
  • Enhanced Windows 2000 Support - Maintain user-modifiable data such as preferences in a user-specific directory

The program will run for 60 days and the Beta Software will expire July 1, 2001. On or after this time the beta software will no longer be functional nor can it be installed.

If you plan on "TestDriving" MI 6.5, SpatialNews would like to hear from you. Please send you comments about the product to
Freely Downloadable MapInfo scripts

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