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  • Using MIF & SHP data in MapPoint 2002

    By GeoCommunity Staff
    Those of you interested in using your existing ArcView SHP or Mapinfo MIF data inside MapPoint are now in luck! A recent addition to the MS download area is the MapPoint 2002 Spatial Data Import COM Add-in. This add-on allows you to import ESRI SHAPE files and MapInfo data into MapPoint... Yahoo!

    System Requirements:
    PC with Pentium 133 MHZ or higher
    Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millenium edition, Windows NT 4.0, With Service Pack 6 or later, or Windows 2000
    Professional or later operating system
    64 MB of RAM
    6 MB of available hard-disk space

    Version - 1
    Release Date - 16 Oct 2001
    Estimated Download Size/Time @28.8 - N/A
    Detailed instructions, sample data, and the required files for the MapPoint 2002 Spatial Data Import COM Add-in are available from: The Microsoft MSDN site

    Note: This is sample code and is not supported by Microsoft Corp.


    To load the DLL select the Tools > COM Add_Ins option then load the DLL that you downloaded and extracted from the MS Download Center

    Once you have done this, notice that there is now an additional option available in the Tools Menu (see below):

    Selecting the Tools > Spatial Data Import utility will bring up the following menu, enabling users to import ESRI SHP or MapInfo MIF data:

    For our example I selected to import a polygonal coverage (SHP) of Washington state counties.

    Do you recognize the data? The coverage I imported is a portion of the County coverage from the data supplied with the ESRI data accompanying ArcView. The polygonal coverage is easily imported into MapPoint. Unfortunately my experience with MP is rather limited. To use the data within MP you will need to create "Territories" - this is equivalent to building/creating topology and linking the spatial coverage to attributes. MapPoint provides a wizard interface to accomplish this, however, performing this is a bit beyond the scope here. The moral of the story here is that users of MapPoint can now access a free download COM Add_in that will facilitate importing existing MIF and SHP data... very cool! Based on feedback that we've received regarding MapPoint in the past, this is one of the most popular functions that potential users of MapPoint have been waiting for! If anyone wishes to offer up some tips on building coverages/Territories within MapPoint I'll be glad to follow up this article with more details. Send info to

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