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  • Suspected SARS Cases - USA

    by GeoCommunity Staff - April, 2003

    Submit Your Map - Are you interested in creating a map to show the spread of SARS? Please send your contribution (GIF, JPG, or PDF) along with complete description of the software used, data sources, and any other relevant details to All contributions will be posted here and one submission will be selected to receive a prize donated by The GeoCommunity!

    SARS in the News:

    ESRI China (Hong Kong) Builds Mapping Web Site for SARS
    SARS mapping web site which disseminates the latest geographic distribution information on the infected areas and people in Hong Kong and worldwide.

    SUNDAY Communications, a Hong Kong based wireless GSM carrier, announced the launch of a new SMS service to provide location based SARS updates. The service presents the subscriber names of buildings with confirmed or suspected SARS cases within approximately 1-kilometer radius. The Hong Kong Department of Health web

    CORDA Technologies Creates Map to Track SARS - the company is using the company's OptiMap(TM) and PopChart(TM) technology to create a Web page with an up-to-date map displaying the worldwide occurrences and deaths due to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

    Interesting to note, the CDC recently published a graphic that shows the locations of airports in the US that have arrivals from "hotspots" like Toronto, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Notice the States having numerous suspected SARS cases also appear to have multiple facilities or facilities with flights arriving from both regions. See Image - locations of airports

    Mobile Carrier Launches SARS Location Service (Hong Kong) - the service will notify subscribers when they are approaching an area that is believed to have housed carriers of the deadly SARS virus.

    B.C. team unravels SARS - Scientists at the B.C. Cancer Agency have made a major breakthrough in solving the puzzle of the killer virus known as SARS.(April 13, 2003)

    SARS Distribution Maps -, a GIS company in Hong Kong have produced SARS distribution maps for Hong Kong and China on their MapInfo Discovery server. They have also proposed several measures advocating how they can use Geo technology in a high density urban environment to improve public health measures in fighting SARS A number of map themes are provided including distribution of affected buildings in Hong Kong and district comparisons.

    The maps below depict data derived from the CDC. Period updates will be created as required. Please click on map image to obtain a higher resolution PDF file. For an excellent resource that builds maps on the fly directly from the CDC data, visit Corda SARS maps

    Suspected cases, April 25, 2003

    Suspected cases, April 10, 2003

    Suspected cases, April 09, 2003

    Other Maps, a GIS company in Hong Kong have produced SARS distribution maps for Hong Kong and China on MapInfo Discovery server. they have have proposed several measures advocating how they can use "Geo" technology in a high density urban environment to improve public health measures in fighting SARS. (See SARS Distribution map server in English and Chinese)

    SARS in hong Kong: This map submitted by Herman NG uses information from the Hong Kong Department of Health. Software Used: ArcEditor 8.2

    Number of buildings with suspected SARS cases (As of April 21, 2003)

    WHO Figures: Cummulative Number of Reported SARS Cases - Total number: 3169 as of April 14, 2003 (More maps Here

    Please notify if you have questions, special requests, or plan on using these graphics.

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