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Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Updates
Data coverage
Global Data Coverage (Image Source: NASA)

Check out our SRTM Image Gallery

News & Updates:
  • SRTM Data Availability Update - Under an agreement with NASA and NIMA, USGS is now distributing elevation data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). Preliminary 1-arc second (30 meter) SRTM data of the continental United States, southern Alaska, and Puerto Rico can now be obtained via electronic download from the USGS Seamless Data Distribution System-Enhanced. (01/08/03)

  • Space Shuttle Mission Data Results in Vast Improvement - Solid Terrain Modeling (STM), manufacturer of the world's most accurate 3-D solid terrain models, has completed a new model for National Geographic's Explorers Hall museum in Washington, D.C. (11/21/02)

  • Interested in using SRTM Data? - you may be interested in a nifty resource called DG Terrain Viewer. According to the author, David Gil (a student from Lisbon, Portugal), "this program allow users to virtually visit and study real Landscapes obtained from the recent mapping mission made by JPL & NASA Space Shuttle Topography Mission(SRTM)". The 1.4 MB download includes the SRTM 3arcseg TO drc Converter. (08/26/02)

    Sighting Opportunities for:
  • Space Shuttle
  • International Space Station

    SpatialNews SRTM Exclusives SRTM News Articles SRTM Favorites!

    Image Gallery View SRTM Images in the Gallery

    Constant Updates View Breaking Shuttle News Updates And The Latest Status Report

    Constantly Updated Data Coverage View The Latest SRTM Data Coverage Map

    Constant Updates View Facts About The Mission

    Shuttle in Orbit
    Track Endeavour's Orbit - Real Time is following the progress of Endeavour's SRTM mission of mapping the Earth. We have an exclusive look at the mission after the boom's deployed and a first peek at what the worldwide map will look like. Features are provided by a full-time aerospace writer - with over 15 years of experience - covering the space shuttle and other aspects of the space program. Be sure to keep checking in for the latest developments.

    STS-99 Mission 
    STS-99 Mission Crew (Source: NASA)

    About The SRTM Mission
    The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) is an ambitions effort of NASA to obtain the most complete, near global, high resolution database of the Earth's topography. The mission will be accomplished by a 6 member crew aboard STS-99 Shuttle Endeavour. The mission is sponsored by NIMA, NASA, The German Aerospace Center (DLR), and The Italian Space Agency (ASI), and managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

    Data will be collected covering approximately 80% of the Earth's land mass. This will take roughly 80 hours to obtain and will result in some 9.8 Terabytes of data - or 15,000 CDs.

    SRTM Coverage

    Data Product Applications
    Scientific applications: Geology, geophysics, earthquake research, volcano monitoring, Hydrologic modelling, Co-registration of remotely-acquired image data

    Civilian applications: Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems for aircraft, Civil engineering, land use planning, Line of sight determination for communications (e.g. cell phones)

    Military applications: Flight simulators, Logistical planning, trafficability, Missile and weapons guidance systems Battlefield management, tactics.

    To help you get familiar with the STS-99 space shuttle mission, we've gathered a number of documents from NASA that will explain the mission to you in detail.

    Other SRTM News Features
    Article "Endeavour Maps the World in Three Dimensions" - (04/01/00)
    High- resolution radar images from space shuttle mission will help Cornell unlock secrets of Andes geology - (02/11/00)
    Space Shuttle Images of Earth to Reside On 3Com e-Network (02/11/00)
    Shuttle mission launch is delayed - (02/01/00)
    So Why Use Radar? - Description of radar applications to cover shuttle liftoff - Web Portal to feature breaking news

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