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The GeoCommunity /
GIS & Location-Based Industry NewsMag #21

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Merry X-Mas from the Editor and his family! Hello again from the Editor (and his family!). November showed no signs of slowing down for us at The GeoCommunity and hopefully you all have been hard at work as well. Judging by the constant influx of career announcements received at our Career Center, business in the industry is strong. Many of you are aware [or perhaps not] that for some time now I've been presenting content as "Location-Based" rather than typecasting it specifically as "GIS or Geo-Spatial" News. My reason is that I believe the industry has evolved for many of us in a manner that GIS is but just one of the tools that we have in our toolbox. The traditional GIS user [and GeoCommunity visitor] is now well versed in GPS, CAD, Remote Sensing, and most notable, he uses these technologies for wired and wireless applications. Many of us are not just "GISers" but we are location-based industry professionals. Get used to the term because you'll be hearing it a lot more in the future. On behalf of all of us at The GeoCommunity, we'd like to wish everyone all the best for an excellent holiday season and a prosperous New Year.


World Geography Factbook - World Geography Factbook 2000 is a FREE e-book that runs on PDAs using the Palm operating system. This hyperlinked e-book provides up to 94 pieces of information for the 201 self-governing countries of the World. This report explains it in detail and we also provide you with the free downloads.

Digital Image Conversion Utilities - Digital Ortho Quarter Quads (DOQQs) and Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) offer the greatest benefits when used in combination with other existing GIS data. In order for this to occur, the DOQQ, DRG, and GIS data formats must be compatible. This feature looks at how Florida State University has assembled a collection of DOQQ and DRG utility programs to easily perform these tasks using ARC/INFO.

Spatially Enabling a Business on the Web - A Strategy to Use The Internet GIS in Spatially Enabling Organizations. Map Designer (MD) is a holistic approach to facilitate spatially enabled activities in organizations. It features an open three-tier architecture (databases, servers and clients) that allows users to connect their data almost instantaneously to Internet/Intranet GIS. Read on for more.

Image Registration Now Available from Terraserver - Joseph J. Kerski (USGS Education Outreach) provides us with some heads-up on new image registration information being provided by the popular Terraserver Web Portal.

Mapping The Elections

US Election Results Served up With Maptitude - Our friends at Caliper Corporation bring us this feature which explains, in detail, the process they went through in order to develop a custom data product and interactive webmapping application using Maptitude.

US Election Dataset Served Up! - If you found the article from the folks at Caliper interesting, check this feature out. The GeoCommunity has spent some time gathering and compiling the election results and have released the data in a GIS data product. Best of all its yours to download for free! We hope you find some interesting ways to analyze the data. Be sure to tell us about any interesting findings!

GeoMedia WebMap Election Results - The latest addition to the content hosted in our Intergraph/GeoMedia Channel is a custom webmapping demo using GeoMedia WebMap. The GeoCommunity has built an application that uses GeoMedia to serve up the county voter results from the US Presidential election. A plug-in will be required in order to view the data. Please be sure to send us your comments.

US Election Results using OzMap! - The folks at Kingsimons Investments Pty Ltd. in Australia have used the election dataset we developed to showcase their OZMap GIS. OzGIS is a shareware mapping system, which means you can try it out before you purchase a license. You can down-load the software with example map data and manual from our site. OzGIS is available for WINDOWS and LINUX.

National Atlas - The National Atlas of Canada is providing the results of the 37th. general election. This is the second federal election for which the National Atlas of Canada has provided Canadians with an on-line tool to follow the results. In 1997, a similar Web site was successfully developed and proved to be popular with both the general public and media. The site provides online mapping and numerous pointers to some nifty election related websites and documents. The election maps found on the Web site are the result of combining the National Atlas' mapping expertise and Elections Canada's election results information. They plan on releasing a paper map product in the future. This paper map will be printed several months following the 2000 Election. It will show data on each of the three parts of the Parliament: Monarch, Senate and House of Commons. I've got mine already... It's very nice!! If you want to produce your own map, here's a free download of Federal Electoral Districts of Canada In Arc/Info Export - 2 MB

GIS Day 2000

GIS Day around the Web - GIS Day took place on Tuesday, November 15. The GeoCommunity relayed a number of news stories from Companies planning GIS Day events and received a number of comments from our readers explaining what they had planned for the day. Here's a summary of news feedback we received.

GIS Day Discussions - I've been wondering what the GIS community in general thinks about GIS Day. In my search for an answer I sent a request for info to the GeoCommunity website's visitors as well as the members of a couple of well known GIS discussion lists. Perhaps I "baited" the question somewhat, however, my intent was to solicit a response from non-ESRI users and determine their feelings. Here are my findings.

Top "News" Stories

Hey business owners, Marketing and PR people! - We are pleased to announce a new, premium newswire service that will help you to get your news out over the Internet. Check out the details of our Premium NewsWire Service for details. This service will assure you that your news will be viewed by the GIS and location-based Community as well as all the major industry news services and internet search engines.
  • Data News - new, seamless information base, known as the Digital National Framework (DNF), will offer definitive, consistent and maintained referencing of more than two billion man-made and natural landscape features in Britain. More Data News and Features
  • Intergraph News - Intergraph Public Safety Selected by St. Louis City Police; Advanced Technology to Manage Emergencies More Intergraph News and Features
  • ESRI News - E&S Offers New 3D Site Visualization Tool for ESRI. RAPIDsite Producer Allows Photorealistic 3D Visualization Of ESRI's ArcView 3D Analyst Data More ESRI News and Features
  • CAD News - Softco's StanConvert 4 helps in bringing about universality in CAD setups. AutoCAD 2000 Standards Translation software will bring about universality in AutoCAD coding systems More CAD News and Features
  • Mobile News - Televigation Mobile Phone Navigation Technology... Snap-to-Map is "future-proof" More Mobile News and Features
  • GPS News - Webraska And Blue Impact Join Forces To Demonstrate Worldwide Navigation & Mapping Services On GPS & GSM Equipped PDA Devices. The new services are estimated to be available for telecom operators, telematic portals and service and content providers next year. More GPS News and Features
  • WebMapping News - Eartha Systems Introduces New Internet Mapping Solutions for Businesses. The new online suite of products introduced by Eartha Systems (a New DeLorme Business Unit) offers high-speed network mapping for use on the Internet or on corporate Intranets. More WebMapping News and Features
GIS Stocks | CAD Stocks | Mobile Stocks

GIS Events and Education

Oracle 8i recovery handbookthe perfect X-Mas gift for your system admin guy! Back up your organization's data and implement proactive measures without compromising the availability of your mission-critical systems. This Oracle authorized guide explains in detail how to implement the new features of Oracle8i to maintain 24x7 database uptime - and protect data. Inside, you'll find complete details on Oracle8i architecture, physical and logical backup techniques, recovery and replication methods, and diagnostic practices.

GRASS 5.0 Beta Update - In a move towards GRASS 5.0, the last beta release of GRASS GIS version 5 has been published. More than 1700 changes, additions and improvements have been done on the source code since GRASS 5.0 beta8 in July 2000. GRASS 5.0stable is scheduled to be released Jan. 2001.
  • GIS Edu News - National Geographic Society's MapMachine, built using ESRI's ArcIMS software, has been rated "Spectacular!" and awarded five stars in Barbara J. Feldman's November 1, 2000, syndicated newspaper column, "Surfing the Net with Kids."
  • GIS Edu News - ESRI’s ArcView GIS is Selected For Montana Education Initiative. The Statewide K-12 License for Software Will Give All Students, Teachers Access to GIS.
  • GIS Edu News - Students begin their quest to identify 10 most vulnerable areas in the world for rising sea levels during the first day of Rising Seas international collaborative, problem-based learning experience.

The Mobile Commerce Conference (MC2) - February 12-13, 2000, San Jose, CA. L-commerce + E-commerce = M-commerce!... Jack Dangermond will be speaking at the event.

International symposium on Mobile Mapping - Cairo, Egypt, January 3-5, 2001. The workshop will bring researchers, industry developers, users and those interested in Mobile Mapping Systems together to introduce the most recent technologies, exchange experiences and promote future research, development, and production.

On-line Tutorials - The education section of the website is now much more visible and will be growing steadily. Be sure to check out our growing list of on-line GIS related tutorials.

The Earth Observing System (EOS) Education Project disseminates Earth imagery, interdisciplinary curriculum, and advanced technologies to the global K-16 education community. The EOS Education Project combines Web-based technologies and educator workshops for the interpretation, utilization and relevancy of geospatial information.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

The Career Center has helped a number of companies fill vacant GIS and related location-based industry positions. Posting your ad is not only cost effective, but you are guaranteed to expose your announcement immediately to a Huge audience of industry job seekers.
Here's a few of the latest announcements: NEW... Announce Your RFP for Free! - Hey Government agencies... Let the GeoCommunity help get the word out about your RFP or tenders.

GeoCommunity Promotions

GISToolKit... only 400 copies Left! - This will be your last chance to request your copy of the 2000 GISToolkit - the free bundle from 8 of the leading GIS solution providers! We're already working on the next ToolKit. Software vendors, product developers, and data providers are encouraged to contact if you plan on being featured in the next ToolKit!

Half Price Sale at The DataDepot - To kick off the Holiday Season The GISDataDepot is offering a 50% discount on all data sales processed at the GISDataDepot. When you check-out, the total cost of your data will be reduced by 50%. Also, visitors to the GeoCommunity MarketPlace are being offered 50% our regular price on ALL DRG State Data Bundles.

Our Latest Addition... 5 million Place Name Database - Our most recent (and most popular!) addition to the Data Store is a collection of more than 5,000,000 point features (with attributes) covering more than 200 countries. You can have this product delivered on CD for only $49.95.

Georgia Data Feature - Our latest data spotlight is on the State of Georgia. Grab some free Georgia data downloads (counties, election data, census data etc...), check out the numerous pointers to other data providers and geography resources. For the duration of the feature we'll be offering the Georgia State DRG data bundle for only $149.95. As always, please contact us to suggest additional data resources to be listed here.

Canada VMAP V2 - A recent addition to the Depot Data catalog is the latest release of the National Atlas of Canada. It includes more than 230 MB of data stored in ARC E00 format. The data is available online for a nominal CD Processing fee of $24.95

DTED 30 Arc Second Terrain Data - This DTED® product is a uniform matrix of terrain elevation values which provides basic quantitative data for systems and applications that require terrain elevation, slope, and/or surface roughness information. This Global Digital Terrain Elevation Data set developed by NIMA can now be purchased online for a small processing fee of $49.95

GeoCommunity t-Shirts! - Is your boss a GeoCommunity Fan? Here's the perfect X-Mas Gift! Now you can order a GeoCommunity T-Shirt online for only $9.95. These are the same shirts that we've given away at several conferences over the past year. This popular green shirt with our signature logo is always the hottest freebie at GIS trade shows. If you didn't get a chance to get one at a show now you can order one at a fair price. Unfortunately we only have size L available at this time.

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