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Feature - Community 2020

Community 2020

This month, we've chosen to highlight a GIS product developed and used by The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Develpment (HUD), and Caliper Corporation - Community 2020 V 2.0

Community 2020 is the latest version of community planning software from the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and Caliper Corporation. Community 2020 was deloped to provide communication and planning tools that help citizens participate in housing and community development activities. Community 2020 was released in early 1998 and was developed in conjunction with Caliper Corporation

Community 2020 v.2.0 adds additional capabilities to Caliper's Maptitude GIS, enabling users to view data about HUD programs in a simple to use desktop mapping environment. Custom user interface components extend the functionality of Maptitude to provide end users with a tool to access pre-designed maps, and tools to query and analyze data. The software is bundled with HUD data on CD-ROM and is designed to work with data which is downloadable from the HUD website

HUD has provided this description of the Community 2020 software:
HUD's Community 2020TM software is a multi-faceted planning, mapping, and communication package. Not only can it provide geographic information that allows citizens to see where their tax dollars are being spent locally, it can provide citizens with HUD program information in a format that facilitates greater citizen participation. Using Community 2020, community-based organizations, state and local governments, housing authorities, and non-governmental organizations can design their own projects with easy-to-use planning and application computer screens.

Community 2020 Version 2.0 was designed by HUD in partnership with Caliper Corporation of Newton, Massachusetts. It builds on the success of Version 1.0, which received wide acceptance since its release in July 1997. Community 2020 is a fully functional GIS software containing a built-in database of 640 Census data elements. The software provides ease of use, convenient data access, and all the power of Caliper Corporation's Maptitude Geographic Information System for Windows. Caliper and HUD designed Community 2020 to put the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into the hands of individuals involved in the process of local community development.

Community 2020 is bundled with the following data:
~ streets & highways
~ city, town, state, and county boundaries
~ Tract and Block Group level Census data with over 640 variables
~ Congressional districts
~ 5 digit zip codes
~ Community development programs
~ Empowerment zones and Enterprise communities
~ Public Housing data
~ FHA family Housing Program data
~ Public Housing
~ Demographic projections for 2002 and 2007

Using the functions provide by Maptitude, users can create their own data files, translate existing digital data, buid data sets using address matching techniques, and create their own customized, thematic maps. Community 2020 can incorporate data from existing DBase, Oracle, Access,text, and other common data sources.

When you visit the HUD website you will find an on-line map gallery showing examples of mapping products produced using Community 2020. Here are a couple of examples:
A Community 2020 screen-shot of a map showing racial distribution using pie charts.

A Community 2020 screen-shot of two maps comparing projected population and projected median household income for 2002

More examples are available at the HUD map gallery

Users of Community 2020 are provided with useful on-line tips as well as a mechanism to download updates to software and data. In addition, users can view and upload tips, report any errors or bugs in the software, and access on-line documentation.

System Requirements:
Windows 3.1.1, Win 95
Win/ NT 3.5 & 4.0
Minimum 80486 or Pentium Processor
16 MB free disk space
VGA monitor (800x600) res. or higher
CD-ROM drive

There are about 2550 copies of Community 2020 in use, including copies sent to all 100 US senators and all 435 members of the US House of Representatives. Users can purchase one of four regional versions of Community 2020 for $249 or the Deluxe Edition for $299.

For more information on community 2020 call 1-800-998-9999
or visit

Community 2020 is a trademark of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

If you use Community 2020 and would like to share any of your experiences, please tell us about it by emailing to

PDF Document with Detailed Community 2020 Description

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